What is a Podcast?
According to Wikipedia (a free internet encyclopedia) "podcasting involves the recording of internet radio or similar internet audio programs. These recordings are then made available for download to your iPod or other portable digital audio device. You can listen to the podcast internet radio program while you are away from your computer or at a different time than the original program was broadcast."

A Podcast is simply a radio show, or in this case sermons, saved as a mp3 file.

What makes a mp3 file a podcast?
Simply stated, when one or many mp3 files are included in a RSS feed this makes up a Podcast.

Do I need an iPod?
No, the great thing about podcasting is that you do not need an iPod or even a mp3 player.

All you need is an aggregator. What is an aggregator? According to Wikipedia (a free internet enxyclopedia) "An aggregator or news aggregator is a type of software that retrieves syndicated Web content that is supplied in the form of a web feed (RSS, Atom and other XML formats), and that are published by weblogs, podcasts, vlogs, and mainstream mass media websites"

You can find and download aggregate software on the internet. There are free aggregate software programs on the internet. Just remember that free is not always the best option.

An example of aggregate software is Dorada Software