Foreign Ministries

The Church Without Limits extends it's Apostolic covering over many ministries around the World. Through our efforts, thousands of pastors are trained, empowered, and equipped. The results of these efforts can be seen in the millions of lives that are impacted around the World each year.
"It's A Small World" Mission Tours:
Currently we provide "all inclusive"
missionary trips to Eluru and Chennai, India.  This is truly a life changing opportunity for those who want to experience the awesome presence of God in the jungles of India.
Our television program "Illumination" can be seen in 170 Countries throughout Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East, as well as the entire World via the inter-net. This program is encouraging many pastor's, and is winning many souls for Jesus Christ.
No Limits Children's Home:
We opened our first children's home on December 25th 2007.  All of our children have been rescued off of the streets of India, and are now all safe and happy.  By having all of their basic needs being met, all 51 boys and girls are healthy and full of energy.  They are learning to read, write, understand math and science, as well as spoken English and the Bible.  The children are learning action songs and  skits to minister to others and to share their love of Jesus Christ.
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Pastor introducing
Our Arrival
Our arrival
Kids with Bubbles
Kids playing with bubbles
Kids Singing
Kids singing
Kids from the Jungle
Kids from jungle
Child Rescue Efforts:
56 million children are orphaned in India, many are living on the streets.   Many of their parents have died from HIV  "AIDS."   Children as young as 2 and 3 have to dig for food in the garbage dumps with the pigs. Little girls as young as 6 years old are being sold into prostitution, and can be purchased for $70 USD.  Young children are also forced into slave labor, working from sunup to sundown, never learning to read and write. It is our goal to rescue as many of these children as possible.  They need a safe environment where they are fed, loved, clothed, and schooled.  They also need a place where they can receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and grow in that relationship into their adult lives.
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Mother giving the 2 girls away
Baby born in tent/village with pig and a boy 

Operation Love A Child:
This program brings awareness for monthly support, and matches loving sponsors with their own orphaned child in India for just $25 per month.


Love A Child Jewelry Line:
Using gorgeous genuine beads from India, we fashion custom-made designer jewelry.  The profits from the jewelry line are very instrumental in supporting our orphanage.   


Hospital Project:
In a community of 65,000 people, there is no primary health care facility.  Our efforts are contributing to the building of this much needed facility.  We will soon be looking for Doctors, Nurses and other volunteers to participate in short term medical mission trips.  We are even building rooms to accommodate you during your missionary stay 


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Hospital project

Bible College:
38 plus students per year are graduating and becoming full-time pastors in the villages.  They are saving souls, and converting many Hindu's and others to follow Jesus Christ.


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Bible College
Bible College Graduation


Bible College
Bible College Graduation Cont.


Leper Colony:
58 lepers live together in the colony.  We help to provide food and medication for each leper at $25 per month.


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Feeding Lepers
Leper colony


Village Pastor's Support Program:

Through this program, we help to financially support pastors and their families at $50 per month each.  We also supply them with encouraging teachings and our intercessory prayers.
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  Village Pastors
Village pastors 1
  Village Pastors
Village pastors 2
  Village Pastors
Village pastors 3

Pastor's Conferences:
Our annual Pastor's conference draws literally thousands of pastor's for a time of intense teaching and spiritual renewal. They in turn, go back to their ministries "charged up" and ready to work diligently for another year.  This yearly event has produced an extreme amount of "fruit" for the Kingdom of God.  At this exciting event, our church and sponsors pay for the facility, food, travel, materials, and a  special gift for each pastor that attends. 
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  Pastors Conference
Pastors conference
  Pastors Conference
Pastors conference meal
  Pastors Conference
Pastors conference Cont.

Women's Conferences: Our church has been very instrumental in conducting and supporting women's conferences.  The theme of the last women's conference, "Stir Up Your Gift's" has made a tremendous impact for God's Kingdom in central India through the women there.

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Women's Conference
Women's conference

Old Age and Widow's:
Through the efforts of our church, we assist the ministry in India with supplying food and clothing to thousands of old age women and widows at Christmas time.


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